I’ve been offline for a while, investigating the amazing #crumble from Redfern electronics – more later on that.

In the mean time, I’ve put together a little Game Kit for students to make their own games.  They might have their own ideas, which is great, but if they get stuck, or need a starting point, then this kit will really help.


Part 1 is a set of basic ‘games’.  They’re not really games, but they do something basic, like move a car around. These have been simply written, cleanly scripted and commented, so that they can understand how they work and be ready to modify them very quickly.  It also means you don’t spend hours getting to some basic functionality with everyone.


Part 2 is a set of very simple demos of how to add features to extend your basic game.  Things like two player, scoring, enemies and racing against the clock!  Again, these scripts have been written in the simplest possible way and are ready for the students to carry over and adapt in their own game.

Overall it is a structured set of resources that enable very capable students to move quickly and creatively at the same time as supporting less experienced students in finding a path to develop a game without spoon-feeding them or giving them a dry set of instructions to follow mindlessly.

I hope you find it useful!  Let me know how you get on.

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